The most experienced carpet manufacturer in Qom province

According to the survey of industry and mine conducted in 1994, 3163 carpet weaving workshops are held in Qom province. The majority of these workshops are located in the provincial capital and a limited number are active in the subsidiary sectors. Despite the fact that carpet weaving workshops in this province have between 1 and 3 carpet weavers, their workshop system is similar to the methods of large carpet weaving workshops.
In addition to these units, there are many home workshops in Qom city and surrounding villages. Today, Qom carpet is known in global markets for its delicate texture and original design and beautiful matinee coloring. The reputation and acceptability of Qom carpets is such that even carpet weavers from countries such as India, Pakistan and China have adapted its designs and sent copied carpets to the market.
The weavers of qom’s exquisite carpets are inspired by the disposition and composition of classic carpets from 1069 to 979 AH.

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