The most experienced carpet manufacturer in Qom province

Qom carpet weaving industry has always been famous for using beautiful and eye-catching colors. The number of colors used in Qom carpets was initially limited to four to six colors, but in parallel with the evolution of the original carpet designs, the number of colors in Qom carpets has also increased.
In recent years, the main colors of Qom carpet are 16 colors as follows:

Light and dark lacquer – crimson – light and dark cream – pea – beige – burnt and light brown – light blue and garlic – black – khaki – gold and copper

Increasing diversity in Qom carpet designs and recent developments in carpet design in this province have significantly increased the number of colors used in Qom carpets.

At present, carpets with more than 40 distinct and distinctive colors are designed and woven. These colors are:

Snow White, Milky White, Black, Crimson, Light Beige, Garlic Beige, Light Khaki, Garlic Khaki, Oil Blue, Light Blue, Cyan, Diamond Blue, Jade Green, Sidi Green, Plantain Green, Cedar Green, Burnt O, light cinnamon, garlic cinnamon, camel trowel, olive trowel, tomato, garlic gray, light gray, straw cream, washed cream, copper garlic, light copper, copper onion skin, garlic brown, light brown

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