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The late Mirza Ali Akbar Kasizadeh migration from Kashan to Qom in 1265 and began to training and production of carpets.so In this time his mother taught carpet weaving to weaver women.


The late Haj Golamreza Kashizadeh born in Qom in 1287 and work with his father. The late Kashizade   cooperated in production of carpets with Arbab Hossein Jankashi and the late Haj Hossein Gaffari and at that time, some people had carpet production job so he worked hard for promoting carpet weaving in Qom city and aound it such as Qanavat, Jafarabad section, Save and etc , for this reason he is one of people that has good history in development of carpet weaving.


The art of carpet weaving has continued in Kashizadeh family. At the moment his son master Haj Hossein Kashizadeh  produce artistic carpets. The words and ideology of the master are as follows:

Artist is blissful according to the masters

The principle of art is the most valuable in this world

Why the owner of perfection have sorrow when they follow art

The principle of art is the god that artist follow

The master succeeded with relying on three principles authenticity, quality and creativity and he is one of the most proud manufacturers in the production of the finest woven all silk carpet  in Iran and showed it in the twelfth carpet exhibition of Qom.

Right now, the fourth generation of Kashizadeh carpets managed by two children of Professor Hossein Kashizadeh. His eldest son Haj Ali Kashizadeh born in 1357 and has more than 30 years of experience in productin of carpet. He is known as the best and most active producers of handmade all-silk carpets in Qom. he work as production manager in this collection now. It is an honor that this collection is known as the largest production collection of handmade silk carpets in Qom province by carpet union.